About Alycia


Born and raised in Florida, I have been privileged with the opportunity to enjoy all that Florida has to offer. From the incredible beaches, warm weather, and amazing attractions within a close distance, I couldn't ask for a better location to live and raise my own family in.


When I was a child, my grandparents moved into a mobile home community in Polk County and I remember all the fun we had driving around the neighborhood in the golf cart, swimming in the pool, playing tennis and so much more. These memories have inspired me to want to help     others create memories that will last a life time.

Let me help you make memories to last a lifetime!


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My wife and I were originally using a different realtor to find a year round home in Lakeland.  Everything we were shown wasn't even close to what we were looking for.  Then we found Snowbird Living and Aylica.  What a difference!

Alycia did an outstanding job guiding us through the process, and found a home for us at a nice park, and at a great price.  Duing the closing of the deal, we returned home up north.  Alycia handled everything down here to finalize the deal for us.  She did an outstanding job, going far beyond our expectations.

We would highly recommend Aylica to anyone who is interested in purchasing a mobile home in the area.

Mike and Karen T.



After looking at hundreds of Central Florida listing online and in person, I was close to giving up. Then, I was lucky enough to meet Alycia Osborne, an agent who listened to me--and heard me. She is smart, professional, and very personable! No more wild goose chases to see homes I had no interest in or could not afford. Alycia saw my Big Picture almost as clearly as I did: "something cute, in a unique setting, on or near the water, and surrounded by tropical foliage". Not an easy task perhaps--but Alycia came through with flying colors--and turned my vision into reality! I could not be happier--and highly recommend her services to any and all who have a vision or a dream!